Essential Products for Summer Vacation by Silvia Milanova, May 24 2022, 6 Comments

As the temperatures warm up, we can start dreaming of our toes dug deep into soft, creamy-colored sand, a cool drink in our hand, happy kids splashing around in water and dreamy walks through the world’s finest cities. For many Americans, the summer months—primarily July and August—are the most popular months to take a vacation, especially since children are out of school. It’s somehow an easier and calmer time to step away from life’s daily grind and take a much-needed break.

A lot of Americans prefer to stay domestic and visit another state, although travel abroad to beachy destinations like the Caribbean or the historic cities of Europe has increased for some US resident travelers. Of course, the COVID-19 pandemic also changed things. Those willing to travel have formed new habits and preferences, according to a survey by Momentive. Three key findings for Americans were that:

  • 28% will be traveling more locally
  • 20% will only travel by car for vacations
  • 53% say one of their biggest realizations during the pandemic is that they can enjoy just being home and traveling locally

So it seems that Americans are more inclined to stay closer to home this summer, but still want a much-needed rest. Regardless of your final destination, however—whether it’s a new park in a neighboring town or a lengthier stay in a foreign countrythere are certain travel essentials that could come in handy during any trip.

Here are 5 of our favorites:

Nomadix The Only Towel You Need – use it for the beach, an impromptu picnic, or a bold camping adventure you’ve been planning. The Only Towel You Need is a buttery-soft, go-anywhere, long-lasting travel companion. It’s made from 100% Post-Consumer Recycled Plastic (about 30 water bottles per blanket), it’s lightweight, sand and pet hair resistant, quick-drying and anti-slip. Plus, each purchase supports 1% for the Planet, Surfrider Foundation, The Conservation Alliance. Its compact size makes it easy to take it with you anywhere.

36 oz YETI® Water Bottle – when you travel, you need water, are we right? It’s especially important to stay hydrated during those hot summer months when you may be outside all day. Instead of interrupting your well-planned trip by stopping to buy plastic bottled water, bring one of these large capacity reusable bottles with you. Built to last, this bottle sure is tough. Dropped it? No problem; it's puncture resistant. Left it outside in the rain? Don't fret; it's rust resistant. Threw it in your bag? No issues here; the TRIPLEHAUL™ insulated cap is 100% leakproof. The OVER-THE-NOSE™ extra-wide opening also makes it easy to fill, drink and clean. And when you need your drink hot or cold—this bottle's got you covered. Double-wall vacuum insulation keeps your beverage at the right temperature until the very last, yummy sip. 

Weatherproof Unflappable Umbrella – who’s been on vacation when suddenly, there’s an unanticipated downpour? Yeah, we’ve been there, and we weren’t prepared. Next time, don’t be that person. Bring an umbrella! An unplanned rainstorm can happen pretty much anywhere—whether it’s Disneyland in Florida or a port city in Italy. And the most disappointing thing about umbrellas is when they can’t withstand heavier winds. This umbrella's revolutionary design prevents it from flopping in the wind and even in the most demanding weather conditions. The flatter aerodynamic structure provides maximum control, while its uniquely tensioned canopy and rounded edges eliminate weak points, a flaw in most conventional umbrella designs. With its 2-Stage collapsible, automatic open mechanism, this umbrella is a must-have for your next vacation!
CHAMP Portable Charger – and then there are the memories you want to record and cherish forever. Do we take too many photos of everything when we travel? Probably. Is it worth it? Oh yes. But don’t get caught with a low battery or a phone that suddenly dies. Looking for a charging station or a plug that works when you’re on the go can be a challenge. Instead, pack this CHAMP Portable charger in your bag and feel confident that you’ll always have a power backup if you need it. The ultra-compact (it’s only 3" x 2.2"!), works with iPhone, iPad, Android devices and more. And the mighty 10,000 mAh battery can keep your phone charged for up to three days and charge two devices at once! Win, win! The best part is that the charger is made with 5% REPLAY™ Certified Recycled Post Consumer Plastic and comes with a 1FT USB-A to USB-C cable that’s both BPA & PVC free.
Outdoor Accessories – such as these UV sunglasses, a hat and sunscreen to protect you from the elements whether you’re at the beach or backpacking through Europe. These are essential during the hot, sunny days when finding shade can be difficult. Know your skin and eyes are always protected by properly accessorizing.
    • The lightweight sunglasses are made with 35% wheat straw composite material that's a great alternative to 100% virgin plastic. The wheat straw is an annually renewable and reclaimed natural-plant fiber that is created from repurposed agricultural food byproducts. They also provide 100% UVA/UVB protection and have no trace of extractable gluten in testing.
    • The unstructured baseball cap is made with 100% Certified Organic Cotton Twill. Both durable and free of nasty pesticides, this hat has your back summer after summer (or during any season!), without harming you or the environment.
    • The Made in the USA sunscreen is an unscented mineral formula that offers SPF 30 broad-spectrum protection and is water-resistant for up to 80 minutes. The only active ingredient is the mineral zinc oxide, which sits on top of your skin instead of absorbing into the skin (like chemical sunscreens). The zinc oxide spreads, absorbs, and reflects UVA and UVB rays before they reach your living cells. What's good for your skin is also good for the planet—the sunscreen bottles are made with 2% post-industrial recycled (PIR) and/or post-consumer recycled (PCR) material. The 1.5 oz tube on a carabiner is perfect for carrying with you on the go, without taking up too much space.

Leave us a comment if you have any items you absolutely cannot travel without!