Dede's Green Scene: You're a Green One, Mr. Finch! by Dede Tabak, December 17 2020, 12 Comments


May your season be merry, bright and hopefully green! That’s exactly what the Broadway Green Alliance (BGA) is working on this holiday season. On Friday December 18 at 8pm, the BGA is presenting, You’re a Green One, Mr. Finch!The show is a virtual holiday benefit concert to support the BGA’s work to implement environmentally friendly practices on Broadway and beyond.

The show is about the untold story of Finch, Grinch's disgruntled cousin. Finch, played by Ben Cameron, decides he wants to make the holiday all about himself—meaning he wants to make it all the color green. But he learns what it really means to have a green holiday—a sustainable green holiday—in festive, fun cameos from the Broadway community.

You’re a Green One, Mr. Finch! is produced by the BGA with support from Change for Good group, which produces Wicked. The show was written and directed by David Alpert with music direction by Evan Roider, video editing by Alex Trivane, and choreography by Travante S. Baker and Alicia Newcom. There are 60 performers, including:

  • Wickedly talented Idina Menzel
  • Hamilton alum, Javier Muñoz
  • George Salazar
  • Michael James Scott
  • The Fates of Hadestown (Jewelle Blackman, Yvette Gonzalez-Nacer, Kay Trinidad)
  • Elizabeth Stanley and her Jagged Little Pill co-stars DeAnne Stewart and Laurel Harris
  • Ann Harada
  • Lesli Margherita
  • The Broadway Princess Party, featuring Susan Egan, Laura Osnes, and Courtney Reed

You’re a Green One, Mr. Finch! is streaming for free on starting Friday December 18 at 8 pm. During the streaming, people can donate money that will go directly to the BGA. Our Broadway theaters may be closed, but the climate crisis continues its long run and will still be here once theaters reopen. We are all hoping that climate change will close, and the BGA is working on it. 

Broadway Green Alliance (BGA)

Founded in 2008, the BGA works with the theater industry to educate, motivate and inspire eco-friendlier practices on Broadway and with local theaters all across the country. Over the past 11 years, the BGA has grown into an important resource for sustainability. They’ve worked with Broadway theaters on swapping out the lightbulbs on the theater marquees with LED lights. They’re also working on having shows use rechargeable batteries for portable microphone packs that the performers wear. The popular show Wicked has made this change, reducing their battery waste in the process. Molly Braverman, the director of the BGA, and the rest of her team have already put together resources of sustainable practices for theaters once they reopen.

EcoPlum is a Prime VIP sponsor of You’re a Green One, Mr. Finch!. We have supported the work of the BGA for many years and have partnered with them to create many BGA-branded reusable and sustainable products for Broadway crews.

You’re a Green One, Mr. Finch! will be available to stream until Tuesday December 22. For more information about the show and the BGA, click here.