EcoPlum’s Safe Cosmetics Take Center Stage at Upcoming Private Event by Marcia Robbins, June 11 2015


New York, NY (PRWEB) June 11, 2015

Today EcoPlum, a sustainable e-commerce and media company, announced its sponsorship and hosting of Safe Cosmetics Take Center Stage, a small private event to be held on June 30, 2015 in Manhattan. This event is EcoPlum’s first safe cosmetics showcase and will combine education, professional makeup demonstrations, and cocktail reception.

A short educational presentation on standards and developments in safe cosmetics, including recent proposed legislation on labeling (the Personal Care Products Safety Act), will kick off the event. Gia Machlin, EcoPlum CEO and Founder, will provide information on how to evaluate safety and toxicity of ingredients in popular skincare and makeup lines plus guidance on making the best choices for personal health.

EcoPlum will provide information for women who have little knowledge on these topics and for those who want to increase their depth of understanding, or who have questions. “Putting non-toxic beauty products on our skin is so important, but people are overwhelmed by the number of products they see and don’t know how to make good, healthy choices,” says Gia.

EcoPlum expects a cross-section of women to attend the June 30 evening event, including college students, professional women, and moms. For an invitation, prospective attendees should email SafeCosmetics1(at) and include their full name and phone number (verification purposes only). Attendance is free but will be limited, and RSVPs will be required for entry after receiving the invitation.

Following the presentation, a professional makeup artist will select a few volunteers for demonstrations with organic, vegan and mineral makeup carried by EcoPlum in its online boutique.

All of EcoPlum’s makeup and skincare products are sourced from companies with transparency on the ingredients they use and most have third-party certifications. Currently, these companies earned “Champion” status on the Compact for Safe Cosmetics (which ended in 2011) and/or their products (where rated) have low scores on the hazard scale in the Environmental Working Group's Skin Deep database. Some may have also met third-party standards of other organizations, like Green America. In a few instances, EcoPlum carries newer beauty lines with such simple formulations of everyday ingredients that a third-party certification has been waived.

In addition to the requirements and review of beauty products in EcoPlum’s online store, EcoPlum is a participating company in the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics Business Network, which promotes nontoxic cosmetics innovation and growth by connecting retailers, manufacturers, consumers and policymakers.

Explaining further why EcoPlum is sponsoring this event, Gia stated: “I’m excited for us to do our first event with a professional makeup artist, so our customers can see and try for themselves the fabulous organic and vegan makeup lines we carry.”

Following the professional makeup artist, there will be a cocktail reception where attendees can ask questions more informally, test products and make purchases if they chose. All qualified guests will be entered into a drawing for an EcoPlum Beauty Basket. Attendees must be at least 18 years old.

EcoPlum is both a magazine for sustainable living and an online boutique selling nine categories of eco friendly products, including safe cosmetics and skincare. Since launching in 2008, EcoPlum has reported on efforts to make the beauty industry more transparent in its disclosures and safety efforts. A column called Chryso’s Beauty Buys has also reviewed numerous natural makeup products and provided additional information to readers.

EcoPlum has been at the forefront of making the case for environmental responsibility and conscious consumerism. The company created the first green shopping rewards loyalty program online when it opened for business. Purchases of all products and e-gift cards at EcoPlum are eligible for EcoChipz rewards points. The company was also one of the first online stores focused entirely on offering eco friendly products with third-party certification and other sustainability standards. Unique merchandise is sourced from a cross-section of US and fair trade vendors, with a particular emphasis on women artisans.

About EcoPlum

EcoPlum® is an environmentally focused media and e-commerce company. The EcoPlum Boutique specializes in stylish and unique clothing, accessories, jewelry, cosmetics, specialty foods, and gift items that are sustainable, fair trade, organic, vegan, recycled, upcycled, and/or ethically sourced. EcoPlum’s customers all earn our green shopping rewards points, known as EcoChipz, good for coupons in the shop or donations to environmental causes.

EcoPlum’s goal is to inspire, inform and empower its readers and customers to be conscious of their daily habits, purchases and impact on the world’s limited resources. In its quest for a better world, EcoPlum hopes to help everyone make responsible choices each day. But they also want it to be fun, easy and rewarding to “go green”! A trusted source for information and products since 2008, EcoPlum earned the coveted Green America Business Seal of Approval in 2011, providing the highest tier “Gold Approved Member” status online at

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