Handmade Jewelry Gives EcoPlum’s Green Shopping Site Unique Touch of Glass with Bottled Up Designs by Gia Machlin, April 05 2012

Handmade Jewelry

Ruby Glass Fused Nugget Earrings from Bottled Up Designs

Quote startBottled Up Designs' jewelry is stunning. The colored glass looks so rich – like gemstones.Quote end

New York, NY (PRWEB) April 05, 2012

EcoPlum, the green shopping rewards site, adds handmade jewelry line Bottled Up Designs to the unique eco friendly products it offers on its online boutique. Each piece of jewelry is sourced from reclaimed antique glass pieces and bottles, with the story of the glass and its origins enclosed. New customers will get 15% off their first purchase.

Depression glass, coca cola bottles, beer bottles, and everyday household bottles from long ago provide an array of rich colors and subtleties complemented by creative workmanship for contemporary and fashionable style. Bottled Up Designs makes earrings, necklaces, rings and pendants.

Gia Machlin, CEO and Founder of EcoPlum exclaimed, “Bottled Up Designs' jewelry is stunning. The colored glass looks so rich – like gemstones. We couldn’t be happier to have this finely crafted line in our online boutique.”

Laura Bergman, Founder and Reclaim Artist of Bottled Up Designs, added, “It is great to have EcoPlum as a partner in bringing our eco friendly handmade jewelry, from recycled glass pieces, to the eco conscious consumer. Gia is an enthusiastic supporter.”

EcoPlum adds this jewelry, made in the U.S.A., to the fair trade jewelry already offered in its online boutique and enhances its selection of eco friendly products, alongside its popular eco friendly clothing, safe cosmetics, accessories, and other green products for consumers.

The Organic Girly Fashion Files at EcoPlum features Bottled Up Designs in an article called “Unbroken Beauty – The Story of Castaways Turned to Life” for EcoLiving Ideas, an area of the site devoted to green living information.

Consumers purchasing Bottled Up Designs at Ecoplum can use the discount code BOTTLEDUP at checkout to receive 15% off their first purchase, after they create a free account.

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About Bottled Up Designs

Bottled Up Designs is a jewelry line from reclaimed antique glass and bottles. The recycled glass jewelry is handmade in Pennsylvania from antique glass and bottles reclaimed from the natural wooded habitats and rural farmlands.To share the history of these beautiful broken treasures, each piece comes with "The Story of the Glass" detailing what the glass was originally and the approximate age. More information about Bottled Up Designs is available at http://www.bottledupdesigns.com.