Clearing Your Kitchen (and Your Life!) of Plastic by Kirby Wetzel, May 11 2016, 0 Comments

Trying to make the switch away from plastic? You are not alone. I have not been a lover of plastic for many years but, I have to say, you cannot beat the convenience!

Plastic is everywhere! In January, as part of our new year resolutions, my husband and I made an effort to eat healthier and pack healthier lunches and snacks for work. Along with the healthy eating, we tried to stop using plastic at home. We stopped buying plastic baggies and using plastic utensils at work. We have made a few changes and have stopped buying plastic but, truth be told, we still use a lot of it. Plastic food storage containers, travel cups, cutting boards, measuring cups and spoons are all frequently used in our home. I need to do better!

While we have a few stainless steel and glass food storage containers -- some for home food storage and some for on-the-go -- we need to get rid of this stuff and fully commit! Below are my top picks for glass and stainless steel food storage containers.

Before you buy new containers, a few tips:

  • Save old food jars. Great for liquids and sending friends home with leftovers. And if they break? No money lost!
  • Buy tempered glass. It's resistant to heat and cold so it can go from the oven, to the table, to the refrigerator. It also means they can be dropped on occasion, and (hopefully) won't break!
  • Choose a collection that stacks easily, or better yet – nests inside itself. Space saver!

    If you are looking to buy:

    • Anchor Hocking Casserole

    I have these and love them! These are just like the ones my grandmother uses and I had a hard time finding them. Most have plastic lids which are more convenient for traveling but not necessary for food that I will just store in the refrigerator. Since I’m trying to avoid plastic, I’d like to avoid it fully.

    These would be great travel containers. Plastic lids but a spill-free option that would nice for taking to the office.

    Personally, these are my favorite for taking to work. They weigh less than glass and won’t break! However, these are the most expensive per unit. My opinion? Worth the extra dough. Only downfall is if you opt for the stainless steel lid they cannot accommodate any kind of sauce or liquid.

    Good ol’ mason jars! Cheap, easy, and made of glass. This might be the best option of the bunch!