Welcome to the New EcoPlum Blog! by Gia Machlin, December 04 2014, 25 Comments

Seven years ago, when I started EcoPlum, green blogs were still somewhat new to the scene (and eco friendly boutiques didn't really exist). We launched EcoPlum in 2008 with a team of writers and articles about green living and environmental issues and a small selection of eco friendly products. Then in 2009 I added my blog about my personal journey called Confessions of A Reformed Consumer. Through the years we have brought you a wealth of information. videos, tips and news.

Now, as we approach 2015 and embark with our newly renovated, and streamlined eco-chic new shopping platform, with new products, bigger images, better navigation, a more streamlined checkout process, and well, just a better shopping experience overall, we are also consolidating all our articles, videos, and blogs into one place in our new home. Going forward, all our blog posts, articles, videos and tips can be found right here at www.ecoplum.com/blog nicely organized by author and topic. However,this is a process that will take a little while, and we want to make sure we don't break anything along the way. So for now, all our old articles are still available at www.ecoplum.com/greenliving. All our old videos are still available at www.ecoplum.com/ecoclipz and all our old tips are available at www.ecoplum.com/ecotipz. My old blog posts are going to be found right here very soon, and then over time we will bring over all our other historic content.

But since my blog posts are in cyberspace limbo for a little while, I thought I would bring back one of my favorites just in time for the holiday shopping season: