Winter in the City - Snarbage by Gia Machlin, February 24 2015, 0 Comments

I love living in New York City. I love the people, the food, the shopping, the convenience, the walkability, the culture, the shows, the diversity, and most of all, the energy. But there is one thing that really bums me out about New York - and it comes this time of year: the Snarbage. What is Snarbage, you may ask? It is that disgusting combination of weeks old frozen snow, garbage, soot, dog poo, and just about everything gross that could end up on the street. After a snowstorm, the city is magical with its snow covered trees, fresh tracks of foot traffic on the sidewalks, and happy kids sledding in the park. By the next day, the snow has turned brown from the salt, sand, and soot. After a week, that snow is black and mixed with said grossness from above. The whole thing becomes exacerbated by the suspension of street cleaning and garbage removal by the city, so they may focus their sanitation department resources on snow removal. It is one huge eyesore. For those of you lucky enough have never experienced this, here are some pics:

Now that you have completely lost your appetite, you may have another question for me: Why are you bringing the rest of us down with these images? Well, that is not my intent. In fact, I'm hoping to inspire some of you to be more vocal about things that bother you, things that you'd like to change but feel helpless in doing so. I invite you all to send your pics of Snarbage to me, and to tweet with hashtag #snarbage. Let's get a movement going here. Let's all become "Snarbage Police." See someone leaving their dog poo on a pile of snow? Say something! See an overturned trash can? Pick it back up. Use less paper garbage, snub the disposable cups, don't leave those free magazine dispenser doors open. Do whatever you can to minimize Snarbage. Help enforce "no idling" zones, pick up your broken sleds, and just help us keep this city somewhat livable during these frigid winter months. I know Mayor DiBlasio has a lot on his mind right now, but maybe he too can encourage the prevention and elimination of Snarbage. This could be a microcosm of what individuals and governments together can accomplish in the face of an increasingly polluted and trashed planet.

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