Crave Luxury Consignment: An EcoFashionista’s Dream by Gia Machlin, January 30 2014, 0 Comments

When my high schooler was a tiny two-year-old tot, he went wandering over to the next table at Starbucks to play with the cute girl sipping warm milk with her mom. As I ran over to get him, I started a conversation with the girl’s mom. Stephanie and I became fast friends and we often joked over the years about how we picked each other up at a Starbucks (or rather, how Noah picked Jenni up). Thirteen years later, I couldn’t be more proud of Stephanie, co-founder of luxury consignment shop

Stephanie Pietromonaco and her dear friend Bonnie Levine have known each other since they were in kindergarten. Friends for over 43 years, they bring their knowledge of business, marketing and fashion to clients and buyers worldwide. They decided to start a luxury consignment e-commerce business together when they realized they both knew so many women with incredible style and taste – women who needed a service that comes to their location and offers advice on what will sell online, a service that makes the entire consignment process very easy for them. Stephanie and Bonnie believe that clothes are works of art and when a woman is ready to part with the luxury item, she’d be happy to know the item has found a new home and its story lives on. Crave does exactly this. And what a concept it is! Are you saying I can finally get a pair of Manolo Blahnik slingback sandals AND a Narciso Rodriguez black silk cocktail dress without taking out a small mortgage? And I also get to feel good about my purchase because I am participating in the most important of the three R’s: REUSING? That’s cool!!

Stephanie and Bonnie have created a true treasure at Not only can you find the most extensive selection of gorgeous designer clothing, shoes and accessories for women and men, but you also get personalized service from the owners themselves. Stephanie and Bonnie take the time to answer all of their buyers’ questions in a timely manner and they ship promptly all over the world. As for sourcing the beautiful designer goods, Bonnie and Stephanie work with friends, business acquaintances, stylists, models and celebrities with impeccable taste and style. Their items come in all shapes and sizes. Designers even ask the pair to showcase their exclusive lines. “It’s our way of recycling and saving the planet – one designer shoe/handbag/gown at a time!” says Bonnie.

I have to say, I feel like a kid in a candy store when I’m shopping on! I only recently discovered the consignment store concept (yes, I’m late to the party – remember I was a throw-away consumer only a few years back and never considered buying second hand…ever). I live right across the street from a consignment store that carries mid-end designer goods and have become a regular buyer and seller there recently. But this store doesn’t carry the high-end luxury goods that are available at This is literally a dream come true. I can now dress like a star, and feel good about it all at the same time! So, as Macklemore and Ryan Lewis say: “This is f-ing awesome…,” with only $100 in my pocket!

Note: This article has been updated with the new company name: Crave Luxury Consignment. The original article posted on 1/30/14 referred to the previous company name: