Are My Actions a Drop in the Bucket? by Gia Machlin, September 02 2009, 1 Comment

In my first post, "Welcome," I introduced the MIGG. This is a person who doesn't make the environment a top priority because:

M - My actions are just a drop in the bucket!

I - I've got bigger issues to deal with right now!

G - Global Warming? - Not in my Lifetime!

G - Greenwashing is everywhere - who can I trust?

As a reformed MIGG, or rather a transformed MIGG, I find the hardest one of these to get over is the feeling that this environmental crisis is so much bigger than any one person, and that my actions are just a drop in the bucket. I mean, are we just going to hell in a handbasket anyway? Last week in an op-ed in the New York Times - "Are we too late?" - H. D. S. Greenway came just short of declaring our impending doom. With the Copenhagen Climate Change Conference around the corner, he's not the only one saying we need to focus on drastic geoengineering measures to reverse global warming rather than trying to prevent it.

That's all well and good, and I'm glad the earth scientists out there are working on figuring out how to blast fake volcanoes and cool down the atmosphere, but I can't get my little head around that. What I do know is that I like trees, I like the ocean, and I understand that when it comes to the ridiculous amount of waste we produce as individuals, it is a zero sum game - there are only so many places for that plastic that takes 700 years to begin to decompose to go. I know there is an island of plastic garbage double the size of Texas floating around in the Pacific Ocean. That I can understand. So while the scientists do their work, I will do mine. I will do everything I can to reduce the amount of waste I produce, be conscious about the ultimate disposal of the materials I consume, and continue to blab about it to anyone who will listen. Thanks for listening.