Bottled Water: Better for you? by Guest Blogger, July 20 2008, 0 Comments

The case for using bottled water sounded good in the beginning, and it became quite the everlasting rage. Everyone was walking around with their clean and crisp, plastic bottle which implied we were all at the top of our game, so to speak.

The truth is, tap water is often comparable to bottled water and the bottles themselves are wreaking havoc on our increasingly unhappy planet. In fact, bottled water has been found to have 1/3 more contaminants than tap water because the regulations are less stringent. Then why not just drink tap water? Because it contains byproducts of the cleaning agents each municipality uses to reduce contaminants. And the bottles? Plastic is leached into the earth and into our bodies, the bottles pile up in landfills and the energy used to make and transport them FAR outweighs the energy it takes to filter your own water at the tap.

So what’s a self-proclaimed health nut to do, or at least how do we lessen the havoc? First, work out a home water filter system and then work out a way to transport that water to yoga, work, the park, the movies, etc.- sans plastic. The Kleen Kanteen, a healthy stainless steel alternative and those sassy Sigg water bottles will keep you and the earth happy and hydrated all over the place. Be careful not to fall for the “laughing all the way to the bank but about to pay the piper” bottled water companies trying to jump on the green action. Leaky tactics like the "eco-shaped" water bottle don’t hold a candle to nipping the issues in the watery bud.

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Guest Blogger: Julie Reitz