Dirty Personal Care Products? by Brianna Marquart, August 14 2008, 0 Comments

You’ve probably seen recent headlines about unfriendly ingredients in some popular personal care products that you may, or may not use. So what if your favorite make-up contains some questionable ingredients? It’s always come through for you and you’ve been loyal to it for years, right? Time to take a cue from the Teens for Safe Cosmetics crew and shop for some healthy products that will actually encourage health and vitality- not zap it to the core.

No matter how expensive and enticing the product, unless it lacks such culprits as parabens (a common preservative linked to breast cancer), pthalates (which can damage the liver, lungs and kidneys) and synthetic fragrances (can contain up to 4,000 chemicals in one “fragrance”), it’s a potential problem for your number one calling card- your body. These ingredients offer preservation, good product feel and super-absorbability—just to minimize costs for the product makers at the expense of the consumers. Is that any way to thank us for buying their products? Sounds dirty in more ways than one.

The price we pay for putting these ingredients into our body (the skin is the largest organ of the body- so anything going onto it goes into us) can range from allergies, cancer or even fetal deformities. Does that sound like something worth being loyal to? Until they clean up their act, chose products elsewhere. But be careful of companies that abuse the words “natural” and “organic” just to get your biz—they have no regulations and can still employ these dirty components. In the meantime, check out lines like Gourmet Body Treats and Farmasthetics.

Still not sure? Check out product ratings on EWG’s Skin Deep Database and Faceparlor.

Image courtesy of marin at FreeDigitalPhotos.net