A Little Friday Luv for some Corporate Giants by Gia Machlin, February 04 2010, 1 Comment

Corporate Social Responsibility

HAPPY FRIDAY! I love Fridays. I remember the euphoric feeling I would get on Fridays when I was in high school. Maybe I was going away for the weekend on one of my youth group's "conventions" and I was giddy with anticipation of the fun and flirting and camaraderie ahead. Or maybe I was just elated to know that I didn't have to get up at the crack of butt for school the next day. Whatever the reason, Fridays made me happy. Now that I'm a middle aged mom and life can be a drag at times, I'm thrilled that Fridays still have that hint of excitement. Today I'm feeling generally excited about the direction of Sustainable Business. (OK, a little geeky, but true).

Over the past months, I've been very involved with a series sponsored by the Columbia Business School Alumni Club of New York's Sustainable Business Committee called "Making Green from Green." The presenters have been phenomenal and I sense a true commitment to sustainable practices from these industry leaders. Yes, I know, lately I have been skeptical, frustrated and generally down on big business and its ability to lead in this area. Why just a couple of blogs ago I was saying that the consumers need to be the ones to demand and drive change. And I do believe that. But I am also seeing a genuine effort by businesses to do the right thing.

I recently discovered this really cool company, CSRHUB, that ranks about 5,000 publicly traded companies on their environmental, employee, community and governance actions and performance. They have gathered data from 50 different sources of company Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) data and aggregated it for us all to use. In fact, one of their sources is the non-profit Climate Counts, one of EcoPlum's environmental causes. So I decided to go through and pick some companies that scored well, and see what you all thought.

Company Overall Score Environmental Score EcoPlum Gives a Thumbs Up for:
Hewlett Packard 70 71 The first major IT company to report GHG emissions associated with its supply chain
AstraZeneca 67 67 AstraZeneca Among Working Mother Magazine’s 2009 'Best Companies'
IBM 66 67 Provides Employees With 100% Primary Health Care Coverage,
Nokia 64 61 Named the world’s most sustainable technology company, by the Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes for 2009-10.
L'Oreal 62 64 In 2009, L’Oréal’s plants in Clark, Franklin and Piscataway, NJ and North Little Rock, AK sent zero waste to landfill.
HSBC 59 57 n 2005 HSBC became the world's first major bank to become 'carbon neutral'.
Nike 57 62 Very cool shoe recycling program: Reuse-a-shoe
UPS 56 58 Recently announced it has deployed 245 new delivery trucks powered by Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) to cities in Colorado and California.

Do you agree? Disagree? Have you had experiences with these companies that you would like to share?

Have a great weekend. I know I will be tickled pink when the alarm clock doesn't go off at 6:30 am tomorrow.