Counting Sheep? Seek Organic Sleep by Guest Blogger, February 02 2009, 2 Comments

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When we lay to rest at night, the last thing we want is to be immersed in toxins, volatile organic compounds and off-gassing chemicals. Conventional mattresses often use petroleum-based polyester and polyurethane foam, which can emit chemicals associated with respiratory problems. In addition, many of these products have stain guards that usually contain formaldehyde compounds and also fire retardants made of PBDEs associated with neurological damage and cancer. It is nearly impossible for consumers to understand what their potential exposure might be, since many companies protect their intellectual property by not releasing their "secret" fire retardant formulas.

One way to minimize chemical exposure during sleep is to try an organic mattress. You may also want to consider an eco-wool layer that acts as a natural fire retardant. A sustainably harvested latex core can provide an anti-microbial, naturally dust-mite resistant surface that is still completely comfortable.

For organic mattresses, there are a variety of providers and brands to choose from such as:

  • Green Sleep
  • RoyalPedic
  • The Organic Mattresses
  • NaturePedic
For organic and natural bedding and bath products, look for designers such as Marcel Miller, Anna Sova, Coyuchi, LOOP, or for those on a budget there is always Bed, Bath & Beyond and Target.

Today, there are many options for a healthy, snuggly, stylish slumber. Go organic and get some rest.

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Guest Blogger: Julie Reitz