Dede's Green Scene: The Best Green Celebrity of 2011! by Dede Tabak, October 26 2011, 0 Comments

Although most celebrities attract media attention for looking green after a night of heavy partying, some are getting some spotlight for their green actions instead. November 24 is the 6th International Green Awards and three eco-friendly celebrities have made it to the final round to win Best Green Celebrity this year: Gisele Bundchen, Miguel Bose and Sir Paul McCartney.

The International Green Awards, which began in 2006, celebrates those who give their best to sustainability through creativity, business and governmental policy. The idea is to show the green initiative to the masses and inspire positive change. This is the first year that they’ve introduced a Best Green Celebrity category. Even though numerous celebrities were nominated, people’s votes narrowed it down to three.

Gisele Bundchen is known for being an international supermodel, but she’s also a model green celebrity! Growing up, she witnessed first-hand the effects of deforestation and water pollution in the Xingu River in Brazil. She has used her fame to raise awareness for environmental causes. She partnered with Grendene, a footwear company, to use her flip flop line to raise funds to sponsor important environmental projects, especially ones dealing with the Amazon and Atlantic Rainforest.

Gisele launched the Projeto Agua Limpa (Clean Water Project), in 2008 with her family. The organization wants to put into practice sustainable environmental management and promote the recovery of riparian vegetation and the micro basins of Horizontina. In May 2009, Gisele co-hosted the Rainforest Alliance’s annual gala to honor leaders in sustainability. She dedicates part of her Web site to green issues—her green blog's motto is, “here the fashion is to be responsible.” She developed an animated Internet series called “Gisele and the Green Team,” about a group of teenagers who are secret environmental superheroes, who spread the message to young girls to protect and preserve our planet. Gisele is also a United Nations Environment Programme Goodwill Ambassador. On World Environment Day, she challenged fellow GWA Don Cheadle to see who could get the most people to take action on planting a new forest. Gisele won and will be planting her Legacy Forest in Brazil this fall. This contest tripled the participation from the previous year. Talk about a super model!

Miguel Bose is a top musician and actor in Spain. Miguel is also using his voice to speak out for fair trade. He has participated in Oxfam’s Make Trade Fair campaign, campaigning in Hong Kong at a WTO summit, against the severity in global cotton trade. Miguel visited Peruvian cotton fields and met a few farmers whose livelihoods are threatened by US subsidies that keep cotton prices low. In 2008, he met with the Congress President of Peru. Afterwards, Congress introduced a law protecting cotton farmers. Miguel’s celebrity and his passion have helped awareness about this issue and is no doubt partially responsible for the political progress made on this issue. Bose joined Ariane Arpa in 2007, the head of Intermon Oxfam (Spain), to present the Spanish government with 600,000 signatures urging them to modify Spain’s trade policy. He also speaks out for protecting our oceans and is a supporter for Oceana, an organization developed for ocean conservation. He assisted a team in documenting the marine ecosystem conservation of Elba Island. Miguel is passionate about the environment and is constantly urging world leaders that “they must put people at the heart of their discussions and ensure a safer future for the generations to come.”

Sir Paul McCartney may have written the White Album with the Beatles, but he’s writing a green one now. McCartney has been a friend to the planet for quite some time now (cue Simpson Episode where Lisa turns vegetarian!). He has been pro-vegetarian for years and is an ambassador for PETA. He urges one to give up meat not only for the rights of the animals, but for what it can do for our carbon footprint. McCartney, along with his two daughters, Stella and Mary, started the Meatless Mondays Campaign. Its initiative is to get us all to have one meatless day a week, which is not only good for the planet, but for ourselves also.

Sir Paul is still touring as a musician and last year he headlined at the Green Isle of Wight Festival 2010, which used bio-diesel and solar as a power source for the event. This year, McCartney is taking his animal rights activism to the next step by joining the BUAV (British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection). BUAV is a campaign to stop animal testing for cosmetics sold in Europe. Not only will Sir Paul McCartney be known as a rock legend, but as a green one too!

No matter who wins on November 24, these celebrities are all fighting for a bigger prize—our planet. Luckily, these three have used their fame and celebrity to shed light on major environmental issues and not only do they speak out about it, they show by example. The three nominees may be used to being on red carpets, but they seem pretty glamorous in their green lifestyles.