Designing Green with Robin Baron: Revamping Your Kitchen by Guest Blogger, November 30 2011, 0 Comments

Photo courtesy of Solares Architecture via Flickr.

Full kitchen renovations are glorious, but laborious, processes. Before taking the first steps to clean out the existing space, many things must be considered. Do you hire a company to rip out the existing cabinetry, countertops and appliances? Do you do it yourself? What do you do with everything when it’s pulled out?

Luckily, in recent years, green-minded renovation companies have been popping up around the country with a collective goal to make renovation and demolition projects more environmentally friendly and hassle-free for homeowners.

In the tri-state New York area, Green Demolitions will come and inspect your space to see if your kitchen is an appropriate match for its charities, and if so, will provide the labor to remove and pick up your old kitchen. (They also provide a donation value and a contribution acknowledgement for tax purposes!)

Though kitchens are the main donations that Green Demolitions receive, they will also accept many more home items that are in good-to-excellent condition, including bathroom fixtures, heating/cooling systems and furniture. Donating your kitchen rather than scrapping it will make the world of difference to another family, the environment and, not to forget, your tax return!

And not only will Green Demolitions take away your old kitchen, they can also help you get a new kitchen of your dreams for between 50-90 percent off! Whether you are looking to remodel your kitchen on a budget, get a great deal on high-end kitchen cabinetry, or for a temporary kitchen while you’re finishing up construction, Green Demolitions can help you out! They have everything from contemporary to traditional, country and traditional kitchens, as well as discounted high-end kitchens, dressing rooms and bathrooms from companies such as Clive Christian.

I’ve worked with Green Demolitions in the past on clients’ kitchen renovations and now I’m working with them personally! I’m currently renovating my Upper West Side townhouse and found out that the kitchen I want will be ready AFTER my move-in date. I decided to install a temporary kitchen that will ensure my home will be as functional as possible until the full renovation is complete. I headed to the company's Web site where you can see all of the kitchens that they have available. The kitchen I chose is a beige-washed oak with a lot of cabinetry. In the end, although it’s a temporary kitchen, I felt so great about my decision: I’m recycling and getting a good quality kitchen, all for a great deal!

Green Demolitions locations: Norwalk, CT; Fairfield, NJ; Honesdale, PA and Green Demo, NY.

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