How to Go Green with Silv: My Green Home by Silvia Milanova, February 13 2013, 0 Comments

I recently left my childhood home and moved a few towns over to a much bigger and nicer house. In addition to finally enjoying the luxury of having my own bathroom, our new property sits on one and a half acres of beautiful land. Oh, and our land is home to 48, tall, oxygen-producing trees and a family of deer—which I love!

So, to keep the theme of our new ‘nature’ home, I was determined to make the house as eco-friendly as possible. I’ve written posts on greening each room in a house, but now I will share my experience with implementing some of these changes and tips into my own life.

Let’s start with my bedroom.

I must tell you that I’ve recently been coughing a lot at night (a very dry, heaving cough), and learned that it may be the result of an allergic reaction to something. I am convinced that this “something” is most likely a toxin of some kind. So, I was beyond excited to finally sleep in my new, eco bedroom.

Furnished with two 100 percent wool rugs, a natural, FSC-certified wooden bed frame, a mattress crafted with a blend of organic cotton, wool and natural latex, two wool and natural latex pillows, organic sheets and a duvet cover, bamboo shades, a cute bamboo waste bin, an air purifier and three carbon-sucking plants, my new resting area is a true oasis. Although I was exhausted from moving furniture all day, my first night in my room was glorious. I hadn’t slept that well in months. And with no surprise to me, my cough has ceased. This time, I am convinced that it’s because I am sleeping in a simpler, cleaner, greener, better-for-me room. The air is crisp and fresh—a pleasure to breathe in.

To complete the rest of the house, I convinced my family to invest in bamboo floors, wool rugs, natural wood furniture, organic cotton towels and bath rugs, natural wooden doors (personally finished with 100 percent tung oil), cork drawer and cabinet liners, LED lights, low-VOCs paint, Smart Strip power strips, Energy Star appliances and water-saving toilets and shower heads.

We rid our new home of synthetic fragrances, air fresheners and candles, toxic cleaning products, and energy-draining, unused electronics and light bulbs.

I must say that within our current financial means, our house is as green as could be. In the Spring, we plan on replacing the roof and possibly installing solar panels, building a few rain barrels and investing in a large, outdoor composter (we already have a small, indoor one).

Today, I feel great about how I am decreasing my environmental impact. I also, however, feel great on the inside. It must be all of that fresh, clean air I am breathing!