SOURCE Denim: The New Leading Company in Ethical & Sustainable Fashion That You Need to Know by Ciarra Wentzel, November 15 2016, 37 Comments

Individual wearing Source Denim

Leaves are falling, clocks were dialed an hour back, and the temperature is dropping—which means it is time to put away the jean shorts and cover up those legs with a new collection of denim pants. We all know that jean shopping can be quite the burden; for men because some dread the word “shopping", for women because finding the right fit can be a long, tough process. So why not ease the pain by purchasing eco-friendly denim? Not only will your jeans keep you warm over the harsh New York winter, but they will also preserve our beloved home (Earth).

If you have an annual winter shopping extravaganza on the horizon, the first stop on your shopping list should be SOURCE Denim. SOURCE Denim is a Seattle-based start-up manufacturer and retailer of ethical and sustainable denim products.

The innovative company was born when a group of designers, environmentalists and textile experts grew tired of seeing the apparel industry pollute our Earth with toxins through the constant use of harsh chemicals during the manufacturing process.

SOURCE Denim founder, Soo-Rae Hong, ultimately invented a denim fabric that is “tough enough to last through life’s adventures, while being gentle on the planet and people.” The products are made from denim produced with a natural, biodegradable material from food waste. SOURCE Denim also refuses to use additional chemical treatments that can harm the planet for the sole purpose of creating artificial distress and faded looks.

Of course there are going to be a few other sustainable jean companies out there, so what makes SOURCE Denim better than the competition? SOURCE Denim uses 50% less chemicals, water and energy, and 100% cotton when making their denim products. To top it all off, by purchasing SOURCE Denim products, you as a consumer are helping create jobs since all of the products are made in the USA. SOURCE Denim has also pledged to contribute at least 1% of the profits to environmental organizations. In addition, the company sources all of the materials and sewing labor from communities that would benefit from each sale.

The team manufacturers one-style men’s slim/straight jean, an original tote bag, and a work apron. Each piece has a promising 10-year life span. If throughout the 10-year warranty, there is any damage to the products, the company will send its customers a free denim repair kit. Or, the product can be sent into the SOURCE Denim headquarters for a free repair by the manufacturing team. At the end of a product’s life, SOURCE Denim takes back any used denim by mail and recycles it all into building insulation or rugs.

It seems to me like SOURCE Denim has the right idea when it comes to creating a more environmentally conscience apparel industry. You as a consumer can help SOURCE Denim clean up one of the dirtiest industries in the world by choosing to wear eco-friendly jeans and accessories. Products can be ordered on the company's Web site or purchased in person in Seattle, WA at The Standard Goods and IAN stores.

Men's Ethical Raw Jeans ($139.00)

Tote Bag ($35.00)

Working Apron ($65.00)