The New Eco Diaper by Chryso D'Angelo, August 10 2016, 1 Comment

Just when my little one is finally potty-trained, a company called Bambamboos releases diapers made primarily out of organic and biodegradable bamboo! Too bad we missed the boat on this amazing brand! But if you have a little one—or know someone who does, you're in luck!

Bambamboos nappies have all the benefits of ordinary disposables with significantly less eco-footprint since they are made from bamboo. We're excited!

The Bamboo Breakdown

The woody plant grows incredibly fast (up to two feet per day), and grows back very quickly after harvesting. As an organic material, it decomposes in about 1 year, compared to 250-500 years for other leading labels' materials. These are significant pluses for the environment. Bamboo makes the diapers really soft and gentle for baby skin. And, bamboo fiber is naturally antibacterialthese are big pluses for you and your baby.

Testing, Testing!

We handed over a pack of 36 diapers to 37-year-old mom Kyleah Rose, who tested them out on her one-year-old girl.

“I was very impressed by their absorption and leak control,” says Rose. Bambamboos are manufactured for a snug fit to minimize the risk of leaks. “They held up the same as Pampers for the same amount of time. My baby leaked through once overnight, but that happened once in the same week with Pampers, too.”

Magic-tape fasteners can be easily opened and closed. “The material is nice and soft and comfortable for my baby,” adds Rose. Her only complaint? “They don’t have a strip to tell if the diaper is wet.”

Bambamboos are chemical, chlorine, bleach, latex, and fragrance free and are available for $16.99 in size 1/40 count (7-17 lbs.), size 2/36 count (12-24 lbs), and size 3/32 count (20-31 lbs.).

Also available through bambamboos: flushable cloth diaper liners and flushable wet wipes. Click here for more details.