EcoPlum Business Gifts and Promotional Products

Your brand reflects your values. It is the embodiment of your image.

EcoPlum believes the branded products you give away can reinforce important qualities about your organization. What do these products say about you? More and more companies, universities and organizations are integrating sustainable business practices into their operations and a social consciousness in their mission. It is good business and good for business. Is your organization socially conscious? Interested in ethical production? Ready to incorporate sustainability into your business operations?  Does your brand represent quality and innovation?

Select products that align your brand image with your values.

Our growing product selection of eco friendly business gifts and promotional items will enhance your brand image and marketing efforts.  We choose only the best examples of sustainable merchandise, items that are beautiful, innovative, useful, long-lasting, fair trade or Made-in-the-USA, and often handcrafted. Your clients, employees, alumni, and friends will love and use the right promotional products.

The trash basket is not your friend.  Don’t buy bad plastic and landfill clogging products.

Have you given away one too many cheap-looking plastic item with your logo on it?   Flimsy plastic giveaways end up in the trash, then landfills or the ocean, where they stay for generations to come. While some plastic is recycled into new uses, most plastic waste takes hundreds of years to break down.

If it is sustainable, we will find it for you.

We are adding new products regularly and will work with you to source the best sustainable product to fulfill your needs. If you don’t see the right product in our online catalogue, contact us and we will find what you want in an eco friendly option.

Please take a look at the beautiful, handcrafted, durable, and earth-friendly line of branded merchandise we have available to customize as you would like with a logo, tagline, or unique expression.



Minimum quantities vary by product.

Call for pricing: 888.730.9990 x103

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