EcoPlum and ChicoBag Make Case for Impact on Plastic Waste, Partnership Spans Over a Decade

NEW YORK, NY, January 29, 2021—Today EcoPlum®, a sustainable promotional products and marketing solutions company, announces publication by ChicoBag of a carbon impact case study profiling EcoPlum. EcoPlum also celebrates its partnership with ChicoBag, its longest-running  supplier. For over a decade, EcoPlum has sourced reusable, eco friendly merchandise from ChicoBag to replace single-use, disposable items increasing plastic waste accumulation.

The carbon impact case study and EcoPlum profile is titled “Your Promo Products Will be Sitting in a Landfill 1000 Years from Now (But They Don’t Have to Be).”  ChicoBag provides quantifiable and specific product data sets showing, for the first time, the positive environmental impact, i.e., carbon reduction, when reusable products sold by EcoPlum replace single-use plastic ones. ChicoBag calculates, for example, that 250 of its reusable totes replace the waste accumulation of 260,000 single-use plastic bags. Overall, the profile highlights how EcoPlum uses its Sustainable Swag® line to create conscious habit change in a massive 24-billion-dollar promotional products industry steeped in waste.

Gia Machlin, EcoPlum President and CEO, said, “Our mission is reducing plastic waste, but until ChicoBag stepped up with this analysis of their products, we did not have concrete data to show our clients just how much impact reusable products can make in reducing plastic waste.”

EcoPlum also celebrates its partnership with ChicoBag, its first-ever supplier and the only manufacturer it has worked with for over a decade. EcoPlum offers its clients a variety of ChicoBag reusable products in its Sustainable Swag® line. Included are many types of ChicoBag reusable bags, containers, To-Go Ware utensil sets, and face masks.

“Of course, all businesses want to build their brand equity. Having a trusted partner who knows how to do this and has your best interest in mind is hard to find. EcoPlum is a rare find and a proud partner that we highly recommend to any of our customers,” said Andy Keller, ChicoBag CEO. “Our customers who work with EcoPlum have a serious advantage in the marketplace.”

The original ChicoBag packable tote is the first branded product that EcoPlum created for its own use, carrying the EcoPlum logo, tagline, and messages. It is still the company’s signature promotional item for its easy representation of what it means to be sustainable.

ChicoBag manufactures colorful, long-lasting reusable bags, utensils, containers, and face masks to replace single-use disposable items and reduce the amount of environmental waste going into waterways and landfills. The company is carbon neutral certified, is a member of 1% for the planet, belongs to the Fair Labor Association, and is a certified B-Corporation.

About EcoPlum 

EcoPlum® is an environmentally focused business-to-business company offering branded marketing solutions and its Sustainable Swag® line of promotional products. EcoPlum Business Gifts brands and customizes all types of eco friendly merchandise with logos, taglines, and messages for client companies, universities, and organizations.

At EcoPlum, we believe that an organization’s brand reflects its values. Our mission is to help buyers make responsible choices on branded gifts and elevate their marketing practices in a more sustainable direction. EcoPlum created the Sustainable Swag® line of environmentally-sound alternatives to conventional promotional products with a goal of reducing plastic and other harmful waste in our landfills and oceans. We are committed to a triple-bottom-line strategy focused on people, planet, and profit.

EcoPlum sells unique, innovative, high-quality, best-in-class promotional merchandise, combining both style and function. Sustainability. Meet Style.® at EcoPlum. We guide clients to the right products for their audience, customize the branding, and ensure rigorous standards for ecological and social sustainability are met. Transparency is essential. Product sourcing criteria include, but are not limited to USDA organic, vegan, fair trade, fair labor, biodegradable, renewable, recycled, reclaimed, reusable, sustainably harvested, Made-in-the-USA, handcrafted or artisan, non-toxic, energy-efficient, ethically sourced, other third-party eco-labels, women/minority-owned, and B-Corporation. EcoPlum product categories include apparel, bags, kitchen, bar, office, outdoors, wellness, food, and PPE (personal protective equipment).

EcoPlum is a member of the American Sustainable Business Council (ASBC) and the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE). The company earned the Green America Gold Business Seal of Approval and is certified nationally as a women-owned business by the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC). Gia Machlin, President & CEO EcoPlum, is a member of the Women Presidents Organization. She is also on the advisory board for Enterprising Women (EW) magazine and was one of a select group of award-winners for their “2020 Enterprising Women of the Year.” 

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