EcoPlum Introduces Eco Friendly Skincare Products for Corporate Branding

New York, NY, June 1, 2017 - Today, EcoPlum, a sustainable promotional products and e-commerce company, introduces eco friendly skincare items available for customized branding. EcoPlum Business Gifts now offers a variety of lip balms, hand lotion, sunscreen, and body butters.

The new environmentally friendly skincare line includes:

1. USDA-certified organic lip balms;
2. 100% vegan shea butter lip balm;
3. all-natural lip balms with organic and transparent natural ingredients;
4. SPF 30 broad spectrum mineral sunscreens with organic base ingredients;
5. 100% vegan shea butter body balms, and;
6. hand lotion that is dermatologist-tested, hypoallergenic, and free of known toxins

EcoPlum sources safe cosmetics from companies with third-party labels or testing, such as certified organic and USDA-certified, and/or with clearly transparent labels and non-toxic ingredients. All relevant sustainability designations for each product are included in the product descriptions. EcoPlum is a member of the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics Business Network, which promotes non-toxic cosmetics innovation and growth by connecting manufacturers, distributors, consumers and policy makers.

The manufacturers selected to launch EcoPlum Business Gift’s skincare line are committed to their own corporate social responsibility efforts and include Raining Rose, All Good Products and Shea Yeleen. Raining Rose is one of the few American companies certified to manufacture USDA organic products. Raining Rose and All Good are both Certified B Corporations, which combine profit-making with social and environmental responsibility. All Good and Shea Yeleen do no animal testing and are also women-owned businesses, like EcoPlum. Shea Yeleen is also a fair trade manufacturer, providing living wages to women in West Africa, and has been certified as a minority-owned supplier.

Gia Machlin, Founder and CEO EcoPlum, explains: “EcoPlum has advocated for safe cosmetics for several years and we are very happy we can offer a selection of these healthy products now to our business clients for their promotional gifts.”

EcoPlum has conducted educational seminars on safe cosmetics for consumers because the US Federal regulation of skincare and cosmetics ingredients are minimal to non-existent. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not have to approve these products before they go to market. EcoPlum, and other companies concerned about safety and sustainability, cannot rely fully on Federal government standards.

The US bans only 11 chemicals from cosmetics. In contrast, the European Union bans 1,328 chemicals known to have links to cancer, genetic mutations, and birth defects, according to the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics. In 2015, Senators Diane Feinstein D-California and Susan Collins R-Maine co-sponsored the Personal Care Products Safety Act to reform regulation and require companies to ensure products are safe before selling them to the public. This legislation is still pending Congressional approval.

With the addition of sustainable skincare products, EcoPlum expands its selection of eco friendly branded gifts and promotional products for businesses, universities, non-profits and private events. EcoPlum launched its Sustainable Swag™ business gifts division in September 2016. Its consumer-oriented e-commerce business, the EcoPlum Boutique, has been operating since 2008.

EcoPlum sources environmentally friendly, closed-loop, promotional products for its clients using generally-accepted criteria, standards and third-party labels for sustainability. These items are eco friendly, non-toxic, and durable; may use recycled or reclaimed materials; and may be made under fair trade and fair labor conditions. In addition to the new skincare line, EcoPlum offers a growing array of eco friendly items available for branded messaging. The company seeks to source the best sustainable alternatives available and minimize the environmental impact of all types of products in the promotional products industry. This includes reducing environmental toxins and waste, particularly non-decomposing plastic waste that ends up in the oceans and in landfills.

For additional information about EcoPlum Business Gifts, see these recent announcements about the launch of EcoPlum Business Gifts and EcoPlum’s participation in a coalition of 1000 companies urging Presidential support for the Paris Climate Agreement.

About EcoPlum

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