EcoPlum is Still In With Paris Climate Agreement Coalition

The still-growing We’re Still In coalition formed shortly after the Trump Administration announced last Thursday, June 4, that the US will withdraw from the Paris Agreement. In an open letter at the coalition reiterates how the landmark Paris Agreement, first signed in December 2015, was the first-ever global commitment to fight climate change. Each participating country sets its own emissions targets for greenhouse gases and adopts its own strategies for reaching them. The letter further states that coalition members will pursue ambitious climate goals, working together to take forceful action and to ensure the US remains a global leader in reducing emissions—beyond the Federal government.

The Paris Agreement was negotiated by 197 parties and went into effect November 4, 2016. On that date, 110 countries had ratified it, including the United States. Currently, 148 countries have ratified it while the others proceed on doing so.

As Gia Machlin, Founder and CEO EcoPlum, asserts, “We believe the US must not go in the wrong direction, but should honor its commitment to the Paris Agreement and nearly 200 countries with leadership in the global effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.”

Pending the change of status for the US, only two other countries—Syria and Nicaragua--remain outside the agreement. As the second biggest producer of greenhouse gases worldwide, US participation in the Paris Agreement is exceedingly important to reach the deal’s overall goal limiting global temperature rise this century below 2 degrees Celsius (3.6 degrees Fahrenheit) above pre-industrial levels..

Signatories to the open letter include leaders from 125 cities, 9 states, 902 businesses and investors, and 183 colleges and universities. Participating cities and states represent 120 million Americans and contribute $6.2 trillion to the US economy. Businesses and investors account for total annual revenue of $1.4 trillion and include 20 Fortune 500 companies including Apple, eBay, Gap Inc., Google, Intel, Microsoft, and Nike, in addition to hundreds of small businesses like EcoPlum.

About EcoPlum

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